The season when Spurs almost got relegated!

I know a lot of Tottenham Hotspur supporters will look at our current form and think we are blessed with an amazing team.  And guess what.  You’d be 100% correct!

But it wasn’t always like that.

Infact one such season (where I actually went to a few home games) was the 1997/1998 season.

I still remember I had tickets for the last home game of the season, against Southampton.  And yet going into the second to last game, away to Wimbledon, if we didn’t get 3 points we were in big big trouble.

Luckily we won 6-2 and Jurgen Klinsmann scored 4.  So I went to the last home game much relieved and relaxed.

For the record he is the greatest striker I’ve seen play for Spurs.  Jurgen’s movement and speed of mind was amazing.

So glad we have clearly moved onwards and upwards as a club. But still nice to look back sometimes on where we used to be.


Spurs 97/98 League Link

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